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Hungarian Goulash (Not yet rated) - A traditional Hungarian dish with meat, potatoes with egg dumplings.
Beef with Broccoli (Not yet rated) - Beef and broccoli in a stir-fry sauce.
Irish Beef Mini Pies (Not yet rated) - Small hand pies filled with beef, cabbage, and potoes. Very unusual ingredients for an Irish recipe!
Lomo Saltado (Not yet rated) - A traditional South American steak entree from Peru. This consists of steak strips with a fragrant mixture of vegetables.
World's Best Taco Meat (Not yet rated) - Nothing beats this incredible taco meat
Succulent Meatballs (Not yet rated) - Juicy meatballs
Greek Moussaka (Not yet rated) - A layered dish of eggplant and lamb.
Vegetable Beef Stew (Not yet rated) - As the name implies, it's beef and vegetables in a stew, the ultimate comfort food. Serve with mashed potatoes.
Swedish Meatballs (Not yet rated) - Meatballs in a creamy gravy.
Swiss Meat Loaf (Not yet rated) - Yet another neat way to make meatloaf
Hot Fusion Chili (Not yet rated) - Actually a fusion of sweet and hot flavors.
Mexican Meatballs (Not yet rated) - This is eaten throughout Mexico.
Potato Croquettes with Meat (Not yet rated) - Meat and potato patties
Roast Beef French Style with au jus (Not yet rated) - A roasted rib eye with au jus sauce.
Southwestern Burgers (Not yet rated) - Hearty beef burgers with Tex-Mex twist
Soutzoukakia (Fried Meat Balls) (Not yet rated) - Seasoned, fried greek meat balls
Beef Tacos (Not yet rated) - A typical taco seasoning recipe.
Sloppy Joes (Not yet rated) - A basic sloppy joe recipe. Serve on a bun!
Teriyaki Strip Steaks (Not yet rated) - Sirloin marinated in a homemade teriyaki sauce
Lamb Vindaloo (Not yet rated) - A spicy Indian lamb dish. Yeah, it takes a while to make.
Super Ass Kickin' Beer Chili (Not yet rated) - It's made with beer. What else could you want?
Mini Meat Loaves (Not yet rated) - Muffin-size meat loaves. The perfect party food!
Sweet and Sour Meatballs (Not yet rated) - Tangy, saucy, tasty meatballs best served on a bed of rice.
Easy Salisbury Steak (Not yet rated) - Named for American Civil War physician Henry Salisbury. It's basically a fancy hamburger.