Recipes Similar to President's Chicken

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Cajun Chicken (Not yet rated) - A spicy, grilled, chicken dish from the deep South of the US.
Chicken Tikka Masala (Not yet rated) - Chicken marinated in yogurt and spices and then served in a tomato cream sauce. Goes well with rice or pita bread.
Chicken Divan (Not yet rated) - Originally a signature casserole dish of the 1950s New York restaurant, Divan Parisienne. This is cheesy and creamy with broccoli
Heroin Chicken Wings (Not yet rated) - Wings coated in cheese and seasonings. Great reheated but even better fresh out of the oven.
Chicken Spiedies (Not yet rated) - These are a regional favorite in western New York state
Chicken Paillard (Not yet rated) - Thin slices of floured chicken breast served with vegetables in a lemon and wine sauce.
Apple-Stuffed Chicken (Not yet rated) - A savory chicken dish featuring apples
Chicken Piccata with Artichoke Hearts (Not yet rated) - Chicken sauteed in a butter, oil, and lemon sauce with artichoke hearts mixed in.
Tangy Chicken (Not yet rated) - A tangy chicken dish
Indonesian Kebabs (Not yet rated) - Marinated chicken and vegetables on skewers.
Chicken Empanadas (Not yet rated) - Pastry stuffed with chicken and vegetables.
Chicken with Citrus Sauce (Not yet rated) - A quick, sweet and sour juicy dish
Yassa (Senegalese Lemon Chicken) (Not yet rated) - A west African stew with rice.
Chicken in Garlic Sour Cream (Not yet rated) - Chicken plus a fresh creamy sauce with potatoes
White Chicken Chili (Not yet rated) - An awesome white chili with a kick!
Adobo Lime Chicken with Rice (Not yet rated) - Adobo and lime seasoned chicken with a rice and corn side dish
3 Cheese Chicken Casserole (Not yet rated) - If you love cheese, this is your dish
Pollo Loco (Not yet rated) - Grilled chicken marinated in citrus marinade. It's crazy!
Chicken Parmigiana (Not yet rated) - Or chicken parmesan.. It's breaded chicken cutlets with melted mozzeralla cheese, served over pasta.