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Lemon Blueberry Glaze Bread (Not yet rated) - Sweet bread with lemon accents
Iced Pumpkin Cookies (Not yet rated) - Pumpkin cookies with a drizzled sweet glaze
Fudgy Buttons (Not yet rated) - Chocolate, peanut butter drops of delight
Augusta's Spice Cake (Not yet rated) - A cake with lots of spices. Augusta was the mother of American artist Charles Demuth.
Pecan Praline Cookies (Not yet rated) - Pecan cookies with a brown sugar glaze.
Red Velvet Cupcakes (Not yet rated) - These are great cupcakes for the holiday season. Has a nice cream cheese frosting.
Holiday Plum Cake (Not yet rated) - It's easy, just don't overcook.
Banana and Cinnamon Pancakes (Kuih pisang) (Not yet rated) - A southeast Asian dessert.
Classic Rich Chocolate Fudge (Not yet rated) - A rich, chocolatey classic.
Amish Cookies (Not yet rated) - A recipe used mainly in the midwest US.
Chocolate Fudge Recipe with Cranberries (Not yet rated) - This tasty sweet treat uses ingredients that are easy to work with. Kids will enjoy making chocolate fudge with you. These chocolate squares make a great gift.
Grandma's Peach Cobbler (Not yet rated) - An old, easy, and delicious peach cobbler!
Strawberry Cake (Not yet rated) - If you like strawberries, you'll love this cake, complete with frosting.
Homemade Chocolate Thin Mint Cookies (Not yet rated) - Very addictive and very minty
Fried Apple Pies (Not yet rated) - Mini apple pie pockets.
Flourless Chocolate Cake with Coffee Liqueur (Not yet rated) - Serve with whipped cream or coffee ice cream.
Banana Chocolate Chip Cake (Not yet rated) - Moist cake with bananas and chocolate chips.
Lemon Squares (Not yet rated) - A lemony classic.
Peanut Butter Pie (Not yet rated) - Crumbly, creamy and sweet pie
Black Forest Pie (Not yet rated) - Cherries, chocolate and flaky crust
Carrot Cake (Not yet rated) - It's cake... with carrots and a cream cheese frosting
Grandma Lore's Pound cake (Not yet rated) - Always a family holiday favorite
Raspberry Marshmallow Cake (Not yet rated) - A cool raspberry cake with marshmallow cream topping and graham cracker crust. A good dessert to make ahead of time.
Red Velvet Cake (Not yet rated) - A layered, red cake with a cream cheese frosting.