Recipes Similar to Homemade Marinara Sauce

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BBQ Sauce (Not yet rated) - Use as a marinade or grilling sauce.
Sauce Remoulade (Not yet rated) - Spicy mayonaise
Greek Salad Dressing (Not yet rated) - Very versatile. Serve over pasta or salad. Use as a marinade also!
Sun Dried Tomato Vinaigrette (Not yet rated) - A tasty vinaigrette with sun dried tomato and green onions. Serve with your salad of choice.
Papaya and Red Onion Salsa (Not yet rated) - A somewhat spicy salsa
Homemade Pesto (Not yet rated) - A variant of the green pesto sauce. Use on pasta, bread, chicken, or whatever
Meat Sauce (Not yet rated) - A basic companion to pasta
Green Cashew Nut Sauce (Molho de caju) (Not yet rated) - This a creamy, Latin American marinade for chicken, beef or prawns. You can also coat meat with this while grilling.
Cucumber Yogurt Dip (Not yet rated) - A cool tangy dip. Serve with pita bread.
Red Pepper Cream Sauce (Not yet rated) - A creamy sauce with base made from pureed, roasted red peppers. This is a great compliment to any kind of pasta.