Recipes Similar to Curry Split Pea Soup

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Mulligatawny (Not yet rated) - Slightly spicy vegatable soup
Mock Turtle Soup (Not yet rated) - A soup with bacon and lots of vegetables.
Mom's Chicken Soup (Not yet rated) - The classic noodle chicken soup, just like Mom used to make. This will cure what ails ya...
Chicken Tortilla Soup II (Not yet rated) - A flavorful tomato based soup with tortilla strips and shredded chicken.
Russian Cabbage Soup (Not yet rated) - A rich soup with cabbage and beef.
Whole Bulb Potato Soup For Two (Not yet rated) - If you love garlic, this is the soup for you
Quinoa Chicken Soup (Not yet rated) - A nice variation on chicken soup. This time with quinoa instead of noodles!
Pasta e Fagioli (Not yet rated) - An Italian soup with vegetables and pasta.
Potato and Ham Soup (Not yet rated) - An easy potato soup with diced ham