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Incredible Chocolate Chip Cookies (Not yet rated) - Not your average chocolate chip cookie.
Three Great Tastes Blonde Brownies (Not yet rated) - Blondie brownies with three kinds chips! Very dense, very filling, and very good.
Oatmeal Cake (Not yet rated) - Liked as a cookie, also liked as a cake
Chocolate Chip Cookies without nuts (Not yet rated) - Soft, chewey cookies using no nuts at all
Caramelitas (Not yet rated) - Gooey and sweet - cookies like candy bars
Banana and Chocolate Chip Cookies (Not yet rated) - Chocolate Chip cookies with banana and nuts.
Speculaas (Dutch Spice Cookies) (Not yet rated) - These cookies have a variety of spices in them!
Grilled Peach Sundaes (Not yet rated) - It doesn't have to be summer to enjoy this fruity dessert.
Blonde Brownie in a Mug (Not yet rated) - A single serving blonde brownie in a mug.
Cranberry Biscotti (Not yet rated) - A tasty and light biscotti flavored with orange zest and cranberries.
Cranberry Pear Crisp (Not yet rated) - A sweet, pear and cranberry treat that is perfect for any Fall meal. Serve with vanilla ice cream, if desired.
Mother Elliot's Sugar Cookies (Not yet rated) - LIght and fluffy sugar cookies.
Rockwell's Oatmeal Cookies (Not yet rated) - This recipe was originally created by Nellie Stroduski who cooked for the Rockwell family (as in Norman Rockwell) in the 1950s and 1960s. Eat plain or crumble over ice cream.
Rocky Road Brownies (Not yet rated) - Rocky road, but in brownie form. From the Food Network.
Banana Chocolate Chip Cake (Not yet rated) - Moist cake with bananas and chocolate chips.
Classic Rich Chocolate Fudge (Not yet rated) - A rich, chocolatey classic.