Recipes Similar to Pineapple Shake

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Horchata de Almendra (Almond Horchata) (Not yet rated) - A sweet, almond beverage.
Almond Milk (Not yet rated) - Ancient dairy drink
Kinderpunsch (Not yet rated) - A German, hot beverage, usually enjoyed around Christmas time.
Homemade Limoncello (Not yet rated) - This is an Italian lemon liqueur traditionally made in the Gulf of Naples, in Southern Italy.
Homemade Amaretto (Not yet rated) - Who needs store-bought amaretto when you have this? You can tweak the ingredient porportions, depending on how thick or potent you like it.
Orange Experience (Not yet rated) - Orange cream and vanilla
Raspberry Lemonade (Not yet rated) - Lemonade with a raspberry twist.
Brazillian Limeade (Not yet rated) - A South American twist on limeade.
Super Easy Lemonade (Not yet rated) - Just like the lemonade you'd get at the state fair!
Canadian Rum Punch (Not yet rated) - An easy rum drink!