Includes cakes, cookies, pies and other sweets.

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Apple Kugel submitted by foodie
A sweet apple dessert with matzoh
Chocolate Fudge Recipe with Cranberries submitted by HalleBose
This tasty sweet treat uses ingredients that are easy to work with. Kids will enjoy making chocolate fudge with you. These chocolate squares make a great gift.
Easy Apple Pie submitted by scoobs
So easy it's crazy. Few ingredients, but really good!
Cranberry Bars (Not yet rated) submitted by yorko
An easy dessert or snack that is sweet and tart.
Homemade Chocolate Thin Mint Cookies (Not yet rated) submitted by baker
Very addictive and very minty
Grilled Pears (Not yet rated) submitted by adam
Whether you make this as a dessert or side dish, it's very easy when you grill it along side your main course.
Yummy Pumpkin Pie (Not yet rated) submitted by terry
Subtley spiced , not overly sweet, and creamy.
Mini Cheesecakes (Not yet rated) submitted by mrmips
Easy. portable cheesecakes
Cream Fruit Salad (Not yet rated) submitted by CookingCrave98
A sweet dessert recipe and easy to prepare at home within a short time and full of healthy ingredients.
Chocolate Cookies submitted by baker
Chewy and delicious chocolate cookies!