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Hi Everyone!

We've had some big changes at DamnGoodRecipes.com recently with some major upgrades.  We now have a section for articles. This includes anything food-related, and also site news.  We'll be posting announcements for the site in the News section (this one), as the user DamnGoodRecipes.  The News section, however, isn't just limited to site news.

Do you have a food-related opinion to share?

Do you have some interesting cooking techniques?

Do you want to tell the world about the benefits of your favorite ingredients?

If you've got anything you want to share, by all means, please submit an article!

Some of our most active users have already submitted articles, and they will be posted here shortly.

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Anonymous User on 2012-07-16

I have only been making bread about a year and love it so much, still lenanirg each time I make. Have seen recipes for these rolls but none included oats. Does the addition of add a different texture? Can you taste the oats? Thanks so much.