We have all done it. We make up some nice big burgers, throw them on the grill, go to flip and whoops. We end up leaving 1/3 lb of our 1/2 burger to be burned alive. Poor burger. Well here are some tips that should help prevent this from happening to you the next time you grill.

6 Things That Help Save My Burgers

  1. After wire brushing, run cut potato half over the grilling surface.

  2. Refrigerate your patties after you form them. This well help hold them together during the initial phases of grilling.

  3. Maintain good temperatures. Grilling too hot can cause the fat to to burn away, leaving nothing to hold the burger together.

  4. Use a nice big, flat, wide, stainless or non-stick spatula for flipping.

  5. Try using a hotter (more fat) ground. This will help the meat stick together better, but maybe bad for your waist lineĀ 

  6. Stop flipping! A good burger is flipped once, practice makes perfect. Flipping makes crumble.

These are some of the practices I have found that help me make sure my burgers come out perfect and intact every time.