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Storing Herbs

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In an age with political turmoil, global warming and rampant violence, I aim to counter the mainstream media's hypocrisy by exposing a world-pressing issue that it refuses to address: storing herbs.  Herbs and spices can be purchased dry or fresh, or grown fresh, but sometimes it is not clear how long these things can be stored or what is the best way.

Whole Herbs and Spices

Whole herbs in leaf form will keep their flavor longer than if they were in ground form.  Whole spices can keep their flavor nearly indefinitely if they are kept in airtight containers and away from heat and light. Do not store herbs and spices over or near the stove.

Ground Herbs and Spices

Ground herbs and spices can keep their flavor for up to a year if they are fresh when purchased and stored in a tightly closed container and stored away from light and heat, in a cool place.  However, ground spices and herbs will lose their flavor after about 6 months if kept at room temperature, for example, in the pantry.   Again, do not store ground herbs and spices above or near the stove, or they will lose their flavor quickly.


Ground herbs can be frozen by storing in a dated container for up to one year.   Fresh herbs can be stored in the freezer for several weeks by wrapping them in foil or plastic wrap.  Fresh herbs can also be stored by chopping them, putting into an ice cube tray and adding water.  The frozen herb cubes can then be placed into hot cooking liquid when needed.  Some discoloration of frozen herbs is to be expected.

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