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About Unit Conversions

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We're proud to announce our new unit conversions feature, available on recipe pages!  You can use this to convert recipes between US Standard and Metric units.  Eventually, we'll have more options available. Recipes are initially displayed using whatever units were used by the user who submitted it.  In most cases, this happens to be US Standard.

There are a few things to keep in mind when converting units.

  1. Measuring devices with the same name can refer to different amounts across the world.  For example a "cup" can refer to: U.S. = 237 milliliters, Australia = 250 milliliters, and U.K. = 284 milliliters.
  2. In some areas, especially in the United States, cooks usually measure all ingredients by volume, while in other areas that use the metric system, dry ingredients are measured by weight (i.e. grams) and liquids are measured by volume (i.e. milliliters).
On DamnGoodRecipes.com, we convert from volume measurements such as a US cup to weight measurements like grams by estimating the weight of the given volume of the ingredient.  While most recipes are forgiving, some recipes convert better than others due to the differences in measurements.

For more sophisticated unit conversion calculations with lots of different units, try our advanced unit converter.

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