Dry prune juice is a best healthy recipe for those people who are facing obesity and stomach issues. This recipe helps to release wastes from the body and also help to reduce the useless fat from the human body. Here, I will share with you this healthy and amazing recipe that you can easily make at home.


  1. 100-gm dry prune fruit
  2. 1-liter water
  1. Take a bottle or a container and add 1-liter water in this specific container or bottle.
  2. Now dry prune fruit in water and put these ingredients in the fridge for a week.
After a week start using this recipe on the daily base. You have to use this recipe in the early morning with empty stomach.

  1. PruneĀ Juice helps to fight against the Clone Cancer.
  2. Boost the digestion system of a human body.
  3. Fair the skin color of a human body.

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