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Chicken Potato Patties submitted by boz
Chicken croquettes with North African flavors. You can use cod in place of chicken.
Yassa (Senegalese Lemon Chicken) submitted by grillman
A west African stew with rice.
Tunisian Eggplant Omelette (Maakouda) (Not yet rated) submitted by boz
An eggplant omelette with coriander and caraway.
Egyptian Beans (Fool Medames) (Not yet rated) submitted by elnoob
An Egyptian bean dish with fava beans and lentils, seasoned with cumin.
Babaghanou (Not yet rated) submitted by elnoob
An Egyptian eggplant dip
Moroccan Tomato and Peanut Soup submitted by elnoob
A spicy tomato soup with North African flavors.
Nketia Fla submitted by Laura1
Groundnut (peanut) Stew with Chicken
Moroccan Chicken (Not yet rated) submitted by baker
Stir-fried chicken and vegetables with North African flavors.
Moroccan Spiced Roasted Carrots (Not yet rated) submitted by adam
Carrots roasted with a North African spice blend.
Calico Okra (Not yet rated) submitted by lion90
Okra tossed with other vegetables