Scandinavian Recipes

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Swedish Apple Pie submitted by Laura1
Pie with raisins and pecans
Milktoast (Not yet rated) submitted by baker
It was one of artist M.C. Escher's favorite recipes, since he was known to have stomach problems, and this is easily digestible.
Homemade Hollandaise Sauce submitted by boz
Someone sent this to me. This variation of hollandaise has a kick!
Swedish Limpu Bread (Not yet rated) submitted by adam
A traditional Swedish light bread.
Aebleskiver submitted by baker
This is a Danish dessert resembling doughnut holes. Serve hot, with jam, syrup or dusted with powdered sugar.
Basler Mehlsuppa (Not yet rated) submitted by elnoob
A Swiss soup made with a beef stock base and Gruyere cheese
Apple and Cabbage Slaw submitted by smith
A slaw variant with vinegar, apples and honey.
Swedish Meatballs (Not yet rated) submitted by smith
Meatballs in a creamy gravy.
Pulla (Finnish bread) (Not yet rated) submitted by baker
A sweet, Finnish dessert bread flavored with cardamom.

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