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Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes (Not yet rated) - Hot, chocolate cupcakes drizzled with marshmallow creme and chocolate syrup.
Red Velvet Cupcakes (Not yet rated) - These are great cupcakes for the holiday season. Has a nice cream cheese frosting.
Red Velvet Cake (Not yet rated) - A layered, red cake with a cream cheese frosting.
Augusta's Spice Cake (Not yet rated) - A cake with lots of spices. Augusta was the mother of American artist Charles Demuth.
Apple Cake in a Jar (Not yet rated) - Makes a good gift. Tasty also!
Cranberry Swirl Coffee Cake (Not yet rated) - Glazed coffee cake with cranberries
Iced Pumpkin Cookies (Not yet rated) - Pumpkin cookies with a drizzled sweet glaze
Black Forest Pie (Not yet rated) - Cherries, chocolate and flaky crust
Mother Elliot's Sugar Cookies (Not yet rated) - LIght and fluffy sugar cookies.
Speculaas (Dutch Spice Cookies) (Not yet rated) - These cookies have a variety of spices in them!
Holiday Plum Cake (Not yet rated) - It's easy, just don't overcook.
Figgy Pudding (Not yet rated) - A sweet, easy cake-like souffle made with dried figs.
Homemade Chocolate Thin Mint Cookies (Not yet rated) - Very addictive and very minty
Chocolate Cookies (Not yet rated) - Chewy and delicious chocolate cookies!
Caramel Apple Bars (Not yet rated) - Apples and oats with a caramel filling. Perfect as a make-ahead dessert for a fall party.
Absurdley Easy Chocolate Cake (Not yet rated) - A quick and yummy chocolate cake
Fruit Punch Bars (Not yet rated) - To love fruit cocktail is to love this dessert
Spice Bars (Not yet rated) - Cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves unite
Oatmeal Cake (Not yet rated) - Liked as a cookie, also liked as a cake
Incredible Chocolate Chip Cookies (Not yet rated) - Not your average chocolate chip cookie.
Carrot Cake (Not yet rated) - Cake joined with carrots and cream cheese frosting
Caramelitas (Not yet rated) - Gooey and sweet - cookies like candy bars
Rockwell's Oatmeal Cookies (Not yet rated) - This recipe was originally created by Nellie Stroduski who cooked for the Rockwell family (as in Norman Rockwell) in the 1950s and 1960s. Eat plain or crumble over ice cream.
Banana and Chocolate Chip Cookies (Not yet rated) - Chocolate Chip cookies with banana and nuts.