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Potato Pancakes (Not yet rated) - Fried potato pancakes flavored with onion. Serve with apple sauce or sour cream.
German Potato Salad (Not yet rated) - A hot variation of a potato salad, with bacon and onion
Torta Di Cipolle e Patate (Not yet rated) - This recipe was translated from an Italian cookbook, as onion and potato cake. This is an easy and savory dish.
Red Vegetarian Chili (Not yet rated) - A vegetarian chili served on top of bulgur.
Ratatouille II (Not yet rated) - An easy side dish with a mix of vegetables
Summer Corn Salad (Not yet rated) - Sweet corn with tomatoes and spices
Barley Risotto (Not yet rated) - This creamy risotto as a lot more fiber than one made with rice.
Roasted Lemon Potatoes (Not yet rated) - Oven-roasted potatoes with a lemon flavor.
Sweet Potato Salad (Not yet rated) - A different kind of potato salad.
Matzo Farfel Stuffing (Not yet rated) - Make this as a chicken/turkey stuffing or serve as a side dish.
Colcannon (Not yet rated) - A traditional Irish cabbage dish for St. Patrick's Day
Calico Okra (Not yet rated) - Okra tossed with other vegetables
Chiles Rellenos (Not yet rated) - Stuffed poblano peppers with meat and cheese.
Koshari (Not yet rated) - A classic Egyptian dish with pasta, lentils, onions in a spicy tomato sauce
Grilled Vegetable Platter (Not yet rated) - A grilled and colorful mix of vegetables.
Grilled Corn Relish (Not yet rated) - Serve with chips or over grilled meats
Vegetable Casserole (Not yet rated) - An array of veggies baked
Kale and Squash Gratin (Not yet rated) - Baked acorn squash with kale and onion
Spanish Rice (Not yet rated) - White rice with tomatoes, garlic, onion, and of course, saffron!
Frijoles Negros (Not yet rated) - Black beans in a tomato and pepper sauce. Serve hot with shoulder of lamb, chicken, or suckling pig.
Green Beans with yogurt and dill (Not yet rated) - Soft, well cooked flavorful green beans
Sauerkraut Stuffing (Not yet rated) - A stuffing made with potatoes and onions.
Russian Potato Salad (Not yet rated) - This dish includes a variety of vegetables and even some meat.