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I like to try exotic new recipes!

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boz on 2011-01-10 for Vegetable Barley Soup

This soup was great! The blend of spices and herbs gives it a great flavor. It does get thicker as it cooks. I didn't add any more broth than the recipe called for (good enough for me) but others might want to make it a little thinner with more broth.

(Not yet rated) boz on 2009-03-19 for Homemade Hollandaise Sauce

It says it right there in the second-to-last sentence... You add the remaining ingredients after adding the butter.

boz on 2008-07-14 for Yassa (Senegalese Lemon Chicken)

Very good! Don't let the habanero (a very hot pepper) scare you too much. It seems to add more flavor than heat, as long as you only pierce it with a fork as instructed rather than chopping it up, which would expose all of the hot membrane. You can take a taste halfway into simmering, and remove the pepper sooner if it gets too hot for you :)

boz on 2008-04-12 for Muhammara

This is very good, though roasting the peppers can take a while. You can probably use the roasted red peppers that come in a jar. Adding a little salt brings out the flavor a bit more.

(Not yet rated) boz on 2007-08-08 for Spicy Salsa

This was very good. Adjust amount of salt and hot sauce to taste.

(Not yet rated) boz on 2007-01-17 for Satay Sauce

This was really heavy since coconut milk is high in fat, but very tasty. Next time I make this I'll try using low fat coconut milk and reduced fat peanut butter.

boz on 2006-12-23 for Caramelitas

Mmmmmmm... These were a huge hit at a family gathering!

(Not yet rated) boz on 2006-11-01 for Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo

excellent! could probably get away with leaving out the sour cream.

(Not yet rated) boz on 2006-10-11 for Egg Drop Soup

Whatever you do, do not try to use chicken boullion cubes in place of plain chicken broth. There are far too many seasonings in the cubes that don't beling in this soup.

(Not yet rated) boz on 2006-07-26 for Honey Mustard Chicken

this is was incredibly quick to make. mmmmmmmmm. here's an idea. cut up the chicken into strips and serve cold in a salad.

(Not yet rated) boz on 2006-02-20 for Stuffed Chicken Breasts

You can buy roasted red peppers in a jar if you don't want to go through the trouble of roasting them yourself.

(Not yet rated) boz on 2006-01-04 for Chicken in Garlic Sour Cream

the dill flavor in this is great. definately serve with rice pilaf.

(Not yet rated) boz on 2005-10-09 for Apple Cooler

This is the perfect autumn treat! Goes well with a muffin.

(Not yet rated) boz on 2005-05-09 for Baked Peach Chicken

Pretty good. I used about a cup and a half of chopped pecans and 2 cans of drained peach halves for this. The Glazed Carrots go well with this as a side dish.

(Not yet rated) boz on 2005-03-16 for World's Best Taco Meat

Here's a tip: You can add some chopped up jalepeno pepper to the meat while simmering to give it an extra kick.

(Not yet rated) boz on 2005-01-23 for Baked Ziti

I just added ziti to the ingredient list. I can't believe I left that out! :( The recipe sounds damn good though. :)

(Not yet rated) boz on 2004-11-29 for Sweet Potato Casserole with Nut Topping

Yet another successful Thanksgiving!

(Not yet rated) boz on 2004-02-20 for Ada's Chocolate Drop Jumbles

These are soooooo good and so incredibly easy and quick to make. They stay soft and chewy even when cool!

(Not yet rated) boz on 2003-11-02 for Sweet Potato Casserole with Nut Topping

This has definately been a family favorite for years!

(Not yet rated) boz on 2003-10-20 for Chicken Marsala

This is really tasty, and really simple to make!

(Not yet rated) boz on 2003-08-17 for World's Best Taco Meat

Warming your taco shells before filling helps keep them from breaking apart while eating.

(Not yet rated) boz on 2003-08-15 for President's Chicken

This goes really well with a rice pilaf!