Includes cakes, cookies, pies and other sweets.

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Ada's Chocolate Drop Jumbles submitted by Laura1
A chocolate treat that causes smiles
Blueberry Pie submitted by boz
A basic, yet damn good blueberry pie.
Bananalaska submitted by boz
A semi-homemade banana-based baked Alaska
Chocolate Matzoh Clusters submitted by terry
Sweets for Passover
Grandma Lore's Pound cake submitted by boz
Always a family holiday favorite
Grandma Willie Smith's Pecan Pie submitted by boz
I got this one from my aunt. An incredibly easy, yet very tasty pecan pie.
Sue's Cinnamon Balls submitted by boz
A party favorite that is easy to make.
Rocky Road Brownies submitted by Laura1
Rocky road, but in brownie form. From the Food Network.
Swedish Apple Pie submitted by Laura1
Pie with raisins and pecans
Pecan Praline Cookies submitted by nonsense
Pecan cookies with a brown sugar glaze.