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Irish Cream Chicken Pate (Not yet rated) submitted by alcoholic
I'm only calling it Irish because of the Irish Cream. Don't know if this recipe really comes from Ireland, but whatever. Goes with celery or carrot sticks, or crackers.
Chicken Salad Spread (Not yet rated) submitted by nonsense
A tasty chicken and vegetable spread. Goes great on crackers!
Mojito Wings (Not yet rated) submitted by elnoob
Chicken wings marinated with citrus and cilantro.
Nketia Fla submitted by Laura1
Groundnut (peanut) Stew with Chicken
Chicken Tortilla Cups (Not yet rated) submitted by apronchick
Tiny tortilla cups with a mini-version of a mexican treat
Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings (Not yet rated) submitted by lion90
Chicken wings marinated in a fish sauce marinade and then fried golden. This is a great bar food!
BBQ Ranch Chicken Dip (Not yet rated) submitted by elnoob
A easy appetizer made with ranch dressing and BBQ sauce
Buffalo Chicken Rolls (Not yet rated) submitted by elnoob
An easy appetizer (or meal, if you want) with a kick. Serve with bleu cheese dressing.
Buffalo Chicken Dip (Not yet rated) submitted by yorko
This spicy and creamy dip tastes like Buffalo chicken wings. Serve with celery sticks and crackers.
Mediterranean Chicken Quesadillas (Not yet rated) submitted by ayhan
Gooey Italian-style quesadillas stuffed with chicken and tomato