Chicken, Turkey & Duck

Includes chicken, turkey and recipes using birds.

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Baked Peach Chicken submitted by Algorithms
A peachy chicken dish, light and sweet.
Chicken Kadai submitted by boz
Chicken in a tomato sauce with onion and spices.
Sassy Chicken and Peppers submitted by boz
A spicy chicken dish with a Mexican twist.
Thai Grilled Chicken submitted by boz
A spicy marinated grilled chicken, Thai-style
Chicken Tikka submitted by grlore
Tandoori-style grilled chicken
Honey Mustard Chicken submitted by grlore
A simple, sweet grilled or broiled chicken dish
Quick Coriander Chicken (Not yet rated) submitted by grlore
A flavorful chicken recipe from the National Chicken council
Grilled Peanut Chicken (Not yet rated) submitted by grlore
A zesty chicken dish with a South East Asian kick.
Tropical Chicken submitted by grlore
Chicken in a pineapple sauce
3 Cheese Chicken Casserole (Not yet rated) submitted by Laura1
If you love cheese, this is your dish