Includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

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Amaretto Hot Cocoa submitted by boz
This is hot chocolate with an almond and coffee twist.
Horchata de Almendra (Almond Horchata) submitted by boz
A sweet, almond beverage.
Strawberry Yogurt Shake submitted by lion90
A smooth, healthy strawberry shake.
The Manhattan (Sweet) (Not yet rated) submitted by alcoholic
A blend of whiskey and vermouth and bitters.
Tropical Treasure submitted by nonsense
A smooth, tropical drink with pineapple, banana and strawberries.
Sangria (Not yet rated) submitted by Laura1
Wine with tantalizing fruits
Planter's Punch (Not yet rated) submitted by boz
Fruity with rum
Cosmopolitan (Not yet rated) submitted by elnoob
There are lots of variations of this. Vodka, triple sec and fruit juices.
Tequila Sunrise submitted by alcoholic
There is some debate about the origin of this drink, but one thing for certain is the result of having too many of these.
Homemade Amaretto (Not yet rated) submitted by alcoholic
Who needs store-bought amaretto when you have this? You can tweak the ingredient porportions, depending on how thick or potent you like it.