Includes main dishes or side dishes with vegetables as the main ingredients.

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Frijoles Negros submitted by lion90
Black beans in a tomato and pepper sauce. Serve hot with shoulder of lamb, chicken, or suckling pig.
Carrots and Dill submitted by scoobs
An incredibily easy side dish that goes well with any poultry or meat
Easy Garlic Mashed Potatoes submitted by nonsense
So easy to make but so good.
Apple and Cabbage Slaw submitted by smith
A slaw variant with vinegar, apples and honey.
Burnt Broccoli submitted by terry
Sounds like a mistake, but it's become quite popular in Italian restaurants
Stuffed Peppers - Asian Style submitted by nonsense
Bell peppers stuffed with ground turkey and rice.
Maple Glazed Brussels Sprouts submitted by adam
Brussels sprouts roasted with a sweet maple glaze.
Scalloped Potatoes submitted by lolo
Creamy layerd scalloped potatoes with a gratin crust
Chickpea Curry submitted by ayhan
A very easy chickpea curry. Serve over jasmine rice, if desired.
Torta Di Cipolle e Patate submitted by adam
This recipe was translated from an Italian cookbook, as onion and potato cake. This is an easy and savory dish.