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Includes recipes with fish, shellfish or anything else from the sea.

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Horseradish crusted Salmon submitted by terry
Filet of salmon with tasty topping
Ginger-Marinated Tuna Steaks submitted by grillman
Tuna marinated in a ginger and soy sauce.
Tomato Shrimp Scampi with Fettucini submitted by nonsense
Sauteed shrimp in a lemon and tomato sauce.
Farfalle Tuna Salad submitted by boz
A mediterranean variety of the Nicoise Salad, with tuna, garlic, parmesan cheese and vegetables.
Spinach-Stuffed Salmon submitted by ayhan
Baked salmon stuffed with spinach and roasted red peppers.
Swordfish Steaks with Olives and Capers submitted by grillman
Floured swordfish steaks in an oil and vinegar sauce with olives and capers.
Crispy Catfish Fillets (Not yet rated) submitted by grlore
Catfish fillets with a buttery crust
Original Paella (Not yet rated) submitted by boz
A simple combination of rice and shrimp.
Brazilian Empanadas (Not yet rated) submitted by lion90
Pastries stuffed with hearts of palm and shrimp.
Broiled Salmon with Spicy Maple Basting Sauce (Not yet rated) submitted by grillman
This recipe comes from the Number 5 Restaurant in Binghamton, New York.