Summer Recipes

Includes recipes that have beef, pork, venison, or other meats as the main ingredient.

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BBQ Leg of Lamb (Not yet rated) submitted by nonsense
Grilled lamb marinated in a wine sauce. Goes great with pita bread.
Fajita Steak Salad (Not yet rated) submitted by Laura1
Flavorful flank steak in a salad
Grilled Sirloin With Texas Mop Sauce (Not yet rated) submitted by steve
Coffee is a key ingredient in Texas mop sauce, which is used to mop, or baste meat while cooking, giving it tenderness. The name comes from Southern cooks using mops to baste large meat chunks.
Coffee Braised Eye of Round Roast (Not yet rated) submitted by grillman
Round eye roast braised in coffee.
Smoked Brisket with Moonshine Mop submitted by adam
You need a smoker for this. Totally worth the wait!
Texas Pulled Pork (Not yet rated) submitted by grillman
A slow cooker recipe for Texas-style pulled pork. Serve on a toasted roll.
Southern Pulled Pork (Not yet rated) submitted by grillman
Slow cooked pork shoulder in sauces and spices.
Garlic Grilled Strip Steaks submitted by adam
Super tasty and super garlicky grilled steak.

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