Summer Recipes

Nothing beats fresh, homemade baked bread! This also includes recipes that have bread as a main ingredient.

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Buttermilk Cornbread (Not yet rated) submitted by baker
A moist and sweet cornbread.
Grilled Chicken Personal Pizzas submitted by adam
Grilled chicken pizza with a thin, crispy crust from scratch. This works best with a gas grill that allows you to control the temperature.
Peach Muffins (Not yet rated) submitted by baker
This is like peach cobbler, but in muffin form
Plantain Tortillas submitted by ellie7
These tortillas are a wheat-free and gluten-free alternative to storebought tortillas. These are a great for soft tacos.
Zucchini Bread (Not yet rated) submitted by baker
A moist bread that keeps well in the fridge.

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