East European Recipes

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Chicken in Garlic Sour Cream submitted by Laura1
Chicken plus a fresh creamy sauce with potatoes
Blintz Souffle submitted by terry
You can assemble this a day ahead and bake before serving.
Apple Kugel submitted by foodie
A sweet apple dessert with matzoh
Spaghetti Squash Latkes submitted by lolo
Like potato pancakes but with spaghetti squash instead of potato.
Tarator (Summer Soup) submitted by grlore
This Bulgarian soup makes a great light meal or appetizer.
Rugelach submitted by lion90
The rolled East European cookies with a fruity filling.
Matzoh Brie submitted by nonsense
Literally means 'fried matzoh' in Yiddish.
Blueberry Blintzes submitted by boz
A blueberry filling wrapped in a fried crepe.
Apricot Noodle Kugel (Not yet rated) submitted by terry
A heavenly noodle pudding - use as a side dish
Zucchini Pancakes (Not yet rated) submitted by ellie7
Instead of potato pancakes... zucchini pancakes!