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Chicken Marsala submitted by terry
Chicken with mushrooms in wine sauce
Five Layer Oven-Ready Lasagna submitted by adam
Make this with oven-ready lasagna noodle sheets for a fairly quick and tasty lasagna. This is a great make-ahead dish for a pot luck dinner.
Grilled Chicken Personal Pizzas submitted by adam
Grilled chicken pizza with a thin, crispy crust from scratch. This works best with a gas grill that allows you to control the temperature.
Focaccia Bread submitted by filly90
Italian flat bread with herbs, onion and tomatoes
Bruschetta Chicken submitted by filly90
Grilled chicken with a bruschetta topping
Torta Di Cipolle e Patate submitted by adam
This recipe was translated from an Italian cookbook, as onion and potato cake. This is an easy and savory dish.
Red Pepper Cream Sauce submitted by elnoob
A creamy sauce with base made from pureed, roasted red peppers. This is a great compliment to any kind of pasta.
Whole Grain Pizza Dough submitted by baker
Pizza dough made with whole grains that is high in fiber.
Homemade Pesto submitted by lion90
A variant of the green pesto sauce. Use on pasta, bread, chicken, or whatever
Burnt Broccoli submitted by terry
Sounds like a mistake, but it's become quite popular in Italian restaurants