Recipes Similar to Zucchini Pancakes

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Eggnog Pancakes (Not yet rated) - These huge pancakes have eggnog in the batter...The perfect winter holiday breakfast treat.
Spinach Quiche (Not yet rated) - Simple crustless quiche made with spinach. Perfect for summer brunch.
Potato Latkes (Not yet rated) - Traditional fried potato pancakes.
Blintz Souffle (Not yet rated) - You can assemble this a day ahead and bake before serving.
Easy Pancakes (Not yet rated) - These fluffy pancakes are so easy. Top with syrup, strawberries or whipped cream.
Orange Scones (Not yet rated) - Easy scones for starting your day or eating as a snack.
Baked Apple Pancakes (Not yet rated) - A big, sweet and fluffy pancake...baked!